My prey the slipper

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I’m not like most cats. I have never come home with prey. Maybe that means that I’m just not a good hunter (even though I can have a pawesome hunting sound), but I have had the opportunity in the past. We had frogs and toads that I could just take in my mouth and show to my humans as a catch, but I preferred to just play with them. Birds are still too quick for me, so that’s not going to happen any time soon. But I did however found a prey purrfect for me. Let me tell you more!


Whenever my humans go off to work and I’m home alone, they turn on my Petcube. Petcube is an interactive Wi-Fi pet camera that helps you stay connected to your pets when you are not at home. It lets you watch, talk and play with your dog or cat from anywhere using your smartphone. It also records movement where you have 4 hour video history of videos that are max 12 seconds long. If you take part of the Petcube Care you have more options: you can complete 24/7 video history over 3, 10, or 30 days saved on the cloud and the videos are longer.

My humom absolutely loves that it records movements. This way she knows what I’m up to when I’m home alone. Of course she can only see two rooms because we have two Petcubes, but she places them in the rooms I come most.

At the beginning of this year, she noticed something in the recordings that she found very funny!

The prey

In the winter, my humom wears slippers to keep her feet warm. Like the crazy cat lady she is, they have Pusheen on them! And usually she puts them away, but one day she left them on the floor (in the living room where one of the Petcubes was pointed at). And that’s where it all started..

When she was at work she was looking at the videos our Petcube recorded and that’s when she saw it: me grabbing the slipper in my mouth and walking away with it. When she had the chance to listen to it with sound she even heard me making a meow. Not like that isn’t normal, but it was a rather unusual meow for me. But it all becomes clear if you watch it for yourself!

Do you think it’s funny too?

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x Junethekitty

59 Responses

  1. Verena Schmuck

    I‘m pretty sure that my four kitties sleep, play and explore places that are actually forbidden! Like the kitchen or dining table! I guess they enjoy their alone time to simply ignore all the rules 😅😂 @elsa_and_the_boys

    • Lawren

      Besides snoozing all day long, I bet Katie and Frankie chase each other up and down the cat tree and scratch our wicker cabinet (which they’re not supposed to!). I’d love to find out! @katieandfrankie

  2. Indira

    I have 2 cats Noris the hairy potato and Neko the loaf of bread. A dog called Princess a other dog called Goku and a fish called miel. I think when I am not home they are making a plan on how to let my dog Princess enter the house to play with them because they love each other. They have an instagram account called papa_nekocaraepan_morti_goku

  3. Julianne Li

    When my cat is at home alone, I think she’s either eating, drinking or sleeping at her favourite spots: the living room, the couch, or the under the piano chair! @randy_thecat

  4. @madfluffs

    I think that what Leopold and Brigand mostly are doing when we’re gone is sleeping. They always seem so tired when we come back and they act like they’re just awake. Although, I do not fully believe that because we find bits and pieces of hair all over the living room and pillows on the floor instead of where they belong 😅

  5. Ingrid van Tienen

    Haha this post is too adorable! I would definitely like to know what my rascals Otis and Nelson are upto when we’re not around.. causing some trouble for sure!
    My guess would be that they secretly challenge eachother to bump stuff of the counter and open cabinets as we find a lot of our precious belongings on the floor with these two looking way to angelic for it. Beside that i would love to keep an eye on them from time to time when i’m at work or on a short trip and there home alone 🙂

  6. @maxthewhitecat

    I am pretty sure Max and Monsieur Moustache mostly sleep when I am gone because almost every time I come back home, they greet me with sleepy eyes and they look so calm! They probably play and bird watch a lot too because this is what they mostly do when I am home! Max has a lot of energy 😹

  7. Sanne

    Yay! Gefeliciteerd 🎉 Dit zou net wat voor ons @binkiedekater zijn! Wij gaan binnenkort verhuizen en ik zou dan heel graag willen zien dat het goed met hem gaat. Ik verwacht dat hij precies op de plaatsen zal zitten waar hij eigenlijk niet op mag. Zoals het aanrecht of de tafel 🙊. Wie weet dat we het binnenkort in he echt kunnen bekijken!

  8. @scottythesiberian

    Scotty just got a little baby brother so I would be very curious to see what they’re up to when we’re not around! I think it’ll be a lot of chasing around. I wonder how crazy things get when we’re not there to separate them! 🙂

  9. Fonda wong

    I’m pretty sure the boys nap most of the time when we’re not home but we have found paper and plastic ln the floors before. I’m sure Sully who loves plastic bags grabs them and runs around the house with it. Avery probably just sits there and watch him cause all the trouble. @the.dapper.duo

  10. Snow_the_whitecat

    I think snow will sleep when I’m not at home or running behind the bugs

  11. Amber @kafka.the.kat

    Oh June, stealing your humom’s slippers! Haha! And those meowing sounds are unlike anything I’ve ever heard. So adorable!
    After Anakin came to live with us, Kafka and him run around like crazy, playing and chasing each other. It can get very rough, but as soon as I clap my hands and raise my voice, they suddenly stop and start washing each other as though they’re trying to prove that they love each other. I would love to find out how they behave around each other when I’m not at home.
    Do they cuddle and sleep together or do they pounce each other while one of them is resting? Who is responsible for “remodelling” my house each time I get home? Are they plotting world dominance schemes? Will I come home one day and not be able to open the door because they threw me out, because they don’t need me anymore?
    All jokes aside, I believe they might behave differently around each other when I’m not there. And I’d love to watch their shenanigans!

  12. @felineflora

    Zodra ik de voordeur dicht trek weet ik zeker dat Flora en Philou een feestje bouwen binnen. Hoe ik dit weet? Omgestoten planten die in verzwaarde potten staan, uit elkaar gescheurde kartonnen dozen, mijn iphone oortjes met tandafdrukken gebruikt als ‘speeltje’ en een vloer bezaaid met hun daadwerkelijke speelgoedcollectie 🙈 het echte ‘werk’ begint pas zodra ik thuiskom haha. Ik zou het super tof vinden om een Petcube te winnen zodat ik weet wat ze uitspoken thuis. Ik maak lange dagen en mis ze ontzettend als ik aan het werk ben. Overigens liggen ze wel altijd te slapen als ik thuiskom 😅 maar dan is het kwaad al geschiedt en hun ‘innocent face’ is dan pure perfectie 🙈 wat ze ook doen, ik kan niet boos op ze worden. Wij duimen heel hard dat wij zo’n gave petcube mogen winnen 🤞🏼🐾❤️ Nogmaals van harte met de 100k

  13. Brittany

    Hehe those videos are hilarious! I love the slipper one 😂
    I would definitely want to know what my little kitty Dexter is up to when I’m not home. I’m sure he causes mischief and eats my plants when I’m not there. I think he has the zoomies and knocks things over too. He’s pretty sleepy when I do come home, so he must let his energy out somehow! He’s one crazy kitty!

  14. Floortje Nieuwenstein

    I would like to think that Terra sleeps all day, since she’s turning 13 in August. But maybe….maybe that’s not true at all. Maybe she’s very active and thats why she’s so tired when we come home from work. Does she lick the windows while we’re gone? Does she fart in our bed and walk away because the smell is so bad? Is she practicing her dance moves?
    Let’s find out by winning this Petcube (which would be an AWESOME birthday present too for this senior calico of mine)

  15. Fr@n

    I think if Lucifer 🐱and Sylvester 🐱home alone they mostly sleep 💤(very lazy cats 😹) and eat🐟. When their is no food left they will try to get more food from the ‘curverbox’ 😼.
    And they wait until I’m home to cuddle & play with them😻(@lucandsyl_thecats)

  16. Katia (@katia_nicolas)

    Alexuna will definitely hump Nicolas🤣🤣🤣

  17. @mia_and_igor

    I bet… No I know that Igor scratches all the carpets, jumps on all cupboards of the
    kitchen and so on :/ I would still love to know what they really do and if Mia is also sleeping all day long if we’re not around 🙂

  18. Mohsina

    My aimmy kitty sleeps on my pillow and when i am back wil come near me with sleepy eyes.. some days she wil be playing with my things

  19. @baileythesiber

    Congratulations!! I would like to see what she is doing. We thought about to place our laptops in a corner, but that just didn’t work out. I know she is being a bad kitty. climbing in our laundry, walking over the diner table and kitchen table. which she is not aloud too. Always looking for food. Also, we did not announce it yet. but Bailey is getting a little brother! (more later on my instagram @baileythesiber) and we would like to see how they are doing when we are not at home. im sure everybody wants to know what their kitty is snooping around !!

  20. @levante_siberian_cat

    Hi June, this is an amazing giveaway and really congrats for your 100K, you are amazing!
    What about Levante?!? I am sure that when I am not home he does all that usually he does not do when I am 🙂
    Walking on the kitchen table.. scratching the sofa, and sleeping the whole time!
    When I am at home, he rarely sleeps, even during the night :-)))

  21. Piper

    I think my cat would be sleeping. She’s not a very interesting cat but I still love her! It would be so cool if I won this giveaway. Thanks for hosting it:)

  22. LunaxNova

    Hello June!

    LunaxNova here! In a perfect world, my cats are happily sleeping and playing with each other, generally not being destructive. However, reality is not quite as nice. I come home to all the drawers opened and everything is out of the cabinets!! The question is, who is doing it 🤔… Sometimes I’ll find random objects that I thought were secure on the floor! So I’m sure my cats are up to many different mischievous things while I’m away 🙈

  23. @choco.nyan

    Choco is most likely sleeping whenn im gone. Or she could be attacking her 500 boxes XDD

  24. Tiffany

    This is too cool! The slipper cracks me up!!! My cat Basil is still very young so his mindset is still in the nap hard, play hard zone 🙂 Lately, I noticed dirt and hair around my planters at home, so I know he’s walking and digging in them *sigh* But I think it would be interesting to see what else that little mischievous munchkin is up to … Congratulations on 100K followers!

  25. Aukje van den Wijngaart

    Wat Link en Lexxi doen als ik niet thuis ben?? Dat zou ik zo graag weten!!!😅 Ik zie soms een pluisje oranje haartjes van Link op een rare plaats… het aanrecht (maar er staat nooit iets lekkers voor me klaar) of in de grote houten kast in de woonkamer, zou hij naar zijn eigen foto kijken of een van mijn katten-boeken lezen? Het zit zelfs aan de kartonnen doos waarin we de lege flessen sparen! Toch breng ik die elke week zelf weg (of ik wel even tonijn mee kan nemen voor meneer 😺)
    Die Link is duidelijk een bezige oranje bij als ik ga werken! Wat zou ik graag meegluren hoe zijn dag is.

    Lexxi zit de hele dag voor het raam volgens mij! Zou ze al vriendjes in de buurt hebben gemaakt? Of heeft ze al ruzie gezocht met de vogels op her veldje tegenover. Is ze al op de hoogte van al onze nieuwe buren en hun honden? Ze kent ze denk ik al beter dan ik doe!🙈

    Zouden ze elkaar opzoeken als ik weg ben? Zijn ze stiekeme kroel-vriendjes en doen ze heel stoer als ik thuis ben?? Wat denk jij??🤔
    Ik hoop dat ik de kans krijg het je te vertellen en te laten zien als ik een van die awesome petcubes win!
    Ons account is:

    Ps: het filmpje met de pantoffel is echt geweldig! Wat een byzonder geluid maakt June daar! Heel cute!

  26. Michelle Mota

    Hi June! Thank you for this wonderful giveaway. Congratulations on 100k!!!

    My dear Sir Thomas (sirthomas_thecat) is a curious fellow. I’m sure he’s getting into the clean laundry, trying to jump onto the tv (not possible, though he thinks it is), eating his sister’s dog food, and stretching (dragging his claws) on all the white walls! It would be interesting to see all the things he does when I’m not home. Thank you again for this opportunity!

  27. Mav

    Thank you so much for letting us enter. My cats partially get along so I am certain Casper beats up his sister pebbles while I am gone. Also they both will sleep on the dinner table which they are not allowed to. I also believe that pebbles is the one who eats my plants and then blame it on Casper.
    I really want this camera because Casper is sick these day and gets seizures and if i have a petcube I can monitor his condition when I am not around.
    Thanks again
    @pebbles_casper on instagram

  28. Kim Forgay

    Oh goodness when I’m not home I bet Nunny😻 is snoozing and laying in lots of awkward and interesting poses! He is a bit of an exhibitionist and takes pride in his fluffy belly in hopes someone will rub it for him! He is also probably watching the neighborhood from the window, he is a good watch kitty!

    My Instagram is and I love how cute June is!!!

  29. Betsy Plüsch

    Congratulations 😄
    Think mommy would just see me sleeping the whole day (but who knows?) 😉😊 i wait at the door when she’s coming home so that she doesn’t know that i was only sleeping. but sometimes she’s coming earlier so that she catch my while I’m sleeping…
    have a meowing day!

  30. Merle and Charlie

    I Think my Merle would sleep all day, but my Charlie is a troublemaker. So I’m sure he would do all kinds of weird things. Sometimes When i get home, he has made a mess, so it would be fun to see What he really is doing or maybe it was Merle all a long. @Ragdoll.siblings

  31. Maja Hafstad

    I Think my Merle would sleep all day, but my Charlie is a troublemaker. So I’m sure he would do all kinds of weird things. It could be fun to see What he really is doing or maybe it is Merle who makes all the trouble

  32. My_wonderful_cat_life

    I am very honestly wondering what they do while we don’t watch. Bach is very shy and Cecilia is very active and playful. The only thing we see them do thogether is sleep. But when we go to bed or sometimes when we are working downstairs we hear sounds from upstairs. Like they are doing so many things. This morning I tried to sneak up and have a peek but they saw me anyways and just kept staring at me until I went downstairs again xD.
    Maybe they have aliens friends that come over to party 👽 🎉?

  33. Romeo

    I have a baby at home and although I do not let him get into the crib or play with the baby’s toys I’m sure he probably does when I’m not! I am also interested in seeing how he plays because when I come back from home he has changed all his toys on site and I want to see how he does it.

    In Instagram my account is @romeo_britishcat

  34. Caspar and Ellie

    When we are home alone we get plenty of sleep in so that when the humans try to sleep at night we have plenty of energy to run around and jump all over them @caspar.and.ellie ❤️

  35. Magnus_and_Stella

    Het gezegde luidt normaal gezien: “Wanneer de kat van huis is, dansen de muizen op tafel”. Maar we zijn er zeker van dat als we beiden van huis zijn, dat de katten dansen op tafel, het aanrecht, de kast,… 🎉 Allemaal plekjes waarvan ze weten dat het niet mag 😝 We zijn hier zeker van want we zien telkens afdrukken van hun pootjes op de kookplaat 😸 Hierdoor vragen we ons toch wel af wat ze verder nog uitspoken… 😄

  36. Nicole & @Hiptobebob

    June you absolutely nailed it, 100 K on Instagram, your own e-mail and website…WAUW, CONGRATZ! What the Bobster is doing when we are out of tha house…actually no idea, but he left some signs… his favorite toy and BFF – a huski dog – moved from downstairs to upstairs and vice verca, his hidden treats are gone, dirty paws in tha house when it’s wet outside… but always waiting for us at the front door when we are coming home, mostly running and or sleeping marks are visible (catflap still moving, yawning and I just wake up stretching).

    Cheers uit Breda! ✌️

  37. Christine H

    Well, while I sleep Chewbacca knocks over bags of treats to the awaiting Loki below. They also steal rolls of paper towel and toilet paper and wake me up by shredding it all over the bed. I presume that while I’m gone they have heists and steal loaves of bread from the counter and that’s why their diet food isn’t very effective haha.

  38. Gafur

    That’s amazing idea of being able to watch our beloved little ones whilst we away from home. I am pretty sure that my Jojo is up to a lot of mischief when I am not home, as my flat never looks the same way as I leave it in the morning to go to work. She is only 5 months and 3 weeks old and so curious of everything and tries to explore every possible corners of my flat. Sometimes I come home to the plants dropped on the floor, toilet rolls are all over ripped to pieces 😹, bed sheets look like the bomb exploded in my bed 🤣 and many other mischievous deeds I would like to keep my eye on whilst I am away. Also my other 7 year old cat is still did not accept Jojo fully and still hisses at her ocasionaly so it’s a real worry for me every day, I hope Daisy doesn’t bully my little Jojo when I am away and pet cube would be such a great way to be able to see how do they get on when I am not home! @jojotheragdollcat

  39. @ouzo.thecat

    Het feest begint pas echt als ik de deur dichttrek om naar het werk te gaan; vogels spotten, vliegen vangen, ondertussen wat slapen, de snoepkast induiken, jep Ouzo blijft net zolang proberen tot hij ‘m open heeft… het lijkt me enig om hem te volgen wanneer ik werken ben!

  40. Chester

    I think when we’re not home, Chester runs around like mad kitten he is, clawing the carpet on the stairs and pulling over the spare mattress stood in the dining room. Or maybe… he just sleeps? @chesterthenaughtycat

  41. Miranda

    I think Harley & Musti are partyimg big time when we’re not around! And when we come back they pretent to sleep! Hehe! Would love to see what they are up to 😸 @harley_miauw

  42. Denise Bechtel

    I think my kitties are sitting in the warm sunlight from my windows. When they aren’t there, I think they are having crazy parties and taking naps on my bed with all of the soft blankets piled on top! @tiggrrr66😺

  43. Toast & Cheddy

    We just got new kitty and I’m 99% sure our little terrorist will attack him all day long and try to play with him. One cat is super-active and energetic and another is cute and calm. So yep..there probably will be running, chasing & friendly fighting 😸@toast_with_cheddar

  44. @lunathebengalmese

    Hehe, June is so cute!!! What an interesting blog post and a good question to ask pet owners! At first, I thought that my cat @lunathebengalmese would probably be sleeping the whole day while I’m away… But now that I think about it, I’m probably wrong. She is fast to greet me when I come home and she makes sure she is heard (she is part Siamese, so she will definitely meow until you answer her). At night, she goes to sleep earlier than me, so she is for sure EXHAUSTED from a full day of fun. To be honest, I think she’s probably up to no good during the day. She’s not allowed to go outside, so I know she’s always at home. Her toys often go missing, and I find them in weird places. So far, two have gone missing, and it’s been 2 months I haven’t seen them… I have no idea where they are…

  45. Fanny owner of @milothesavannah

    I’m sure @milothesavannah aka Milo sleep a lot during the day when we are at work ! And I’m sure he chases the sun around the appartement looking through the window. Plus he might be playing around with all the toys he has 😍 sometimes he might be planning a new devilish plan to get more food 🥘 muahaha !
    Thanks for the giveaway! 💋 xx

  46. Michelle James

    I’m pretty sure one of my girls will be fast asleep whilst I’m out and my other baby girl will be trying to keep herself amused with all of the various toys until I get home! Winning this petcube would mean I could keep an eye on the snoozing and playing going on!

  47. Anne Wettig

    While we are gone, Our baby Abbie is probably up to no good… or sleeping. 😊

  48. @samcharliemainecoon

    Our huparents think that we only snooze and being good boys when their away, but in fact we like to pawty and invite our neighbourhood catfriends to bring some sweets and catnip toys…
    But our huparents haven’t find out yet, because we tidy up before they are home. And then we act totally innocent and pretend we were sleeping all the time. But may be when the huparents can see with the petcube how much fun we have with the other kitties, they may come over more often. @samcharliemaincoon

  49. @eat_sleep_plant

    We would definitely love this device to check up on out little munchkins. Sometimes things like pens are found in strange places and we’re sure they have something to do with that. We would love to reply it back on camera 😜

  50. @jupiter_the_brit_cat

    Congrats on 100K sweet June! 🎉 Although Jupi is quite relaxed and doesn’t possess the mischievous mindset, I bet it would be funny to observe the zoomies or other funny behavior 😹💗

  51. Neeny @siddaily

    I have three kitties to wonder about when I’m not at home. Aggie is the “good girl” who never jumps up on the kitchen sides when we’re around but I’m prettttty sure she does it as soon as we leave the house to scout for food leftovers! It would be interesting to see how long it takes her to investigate after we leave for work!! Huey, we know he goes on the kitchen side – he has no worries about jumping up in front of us, but we always wonder if he is the trouble maker of the group – the other two don’t seem to like him that much but we don’t know what he does to make it that way 😂 I bet he annoys Sid and Aggie daily but we don’t know exactly how! Talking of Sidney – we bet he just naps all day! ♥️

    Congrats on the followers!!! And thank you for the massive giveaway, we would LOVE to have a chance of winning.

  52. @roverscatlife

    Congratulations on 100k beautiful June. 🎊 My humans would love to find out what I am doing. It happens a few times a week that they come home to discover that my paws (mostly the front paws and sometimes all of them) are very dirty. It’s hard to wash the black dirt off. I am doing this for years now and it is still a big mystery for them how that happens.

  53. Ashley

    My dog is always dragging our shoes away and hiding them from us, but he goes into his room when we leave. We have other pets, however, and I think it’s possible that he isn’t always the culprit. Is like to clear my dogs name! 😂

  54. My_unique_petz

    I’m pretty sure they would be up for a lot of: sleeping,miss chief, eating And repeat.
    Recently one of the two (maybe both) is caching mouses but we never discovered who. So that would be a big option also.
    And how could I forget the prabks they would pull on poor Pandora (the dog). I wouldn’t be suprised

  55. Milijana

    I think my kitty’s drop the plants because whenever I get home one plant is always cracked! But don’t know who the naughty one is @leon_luna_thebsh
    Congratulations on your 100k

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