New drinking method

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Many people know: cats are not really fond of water. And I am like most cats in that case. I like to drink water and I occasionally like to run in the rain, but I’m not that fond of taking … Continued

Year overview: 2018

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2018 is officially over and I love to share some moments of mine from the past year with you in a year overview. Find out what all of these moments were in this blog post. Best moments of 2018 I’ve reached 100.000 … Continued

Secret Santa 2018

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Also this year we did #duchtsecretsanta with 9 Dutch Instagram cat accounts! Secret Santa is a game where you exchange Christmas presents anonymously with a group of, for example, friends or family. You’re each assigned to another member of the … Continued

Christmas gift for your cat

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December is here; The month of friends and family, cosiness and of course… gifts! As a cat owner, don’t forget to buy a Christmas gift for your cat because they are family too. And if you need a little inspiration what … Continued

My favorite places to sleep

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As you probably know, we cats love to sleep. To make up for our predatory lifestyle, we must spend about 15+ hours per day sleeping. And to do that, we choose the best places. Wether it’s a box or a … Continued

Ninja cat

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Many of you may have seen the video posts on my Instagram where I show off my ninja moves as the ninja cat. I want to give you a little more context about this signature move I have. So read … Continued

Meet the neighborhood kitties part 2

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About a year ago we moved into a new home. That also included of course: a new neighborhood. In a previous blog post I shown you what neighborhood cats I had. But since I have moved, it’s time for a … Continued

My prey the slipper

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I’m not like most cats. I have never come home with prey. Maybe that means that I’m just not a good hunter (even though I can have a pawesome hunting sound), but I have had the opportunity in the past. We … Continued

Q&A #3

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I posted a photo asking you if you had any questions for me. So here is a little Q&A with the answers to some questions that you asked me! My dating life Are you still single? @lucky_and_choco It may surprise you, … Continued

Be like a cat

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Being a human you have to deal with a lot of things on a daily basis. The days can be stressful and decisions can be hard. But being a cat, your days are totally relaxed. Have you ever thought about … Continued