Ninja cat

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Many of you may have seen the video posts on my Instagram where I show off my ninja moves as the ninja cat. I want to give you a little more context about this signature move I have. So read … Continued

Meet the neighborhood kitties part 2

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About a year ago we moved into a new home. That also included of course: a new neighborhood. In a previous blog post I shown you what neighborhood cats I had. But since I have moved, it’s time for a … Continued

My prey the slipper

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I’m not like most cats. I have never come home with prey. Maybe that means that I’m just not a good hunter (even though I can have a pawesome hunting sound), but I have had the opportunity in the past. We … Continued

Q&A #3

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I posted a photo asking you if you had any questions for me. So here is a little Q&A with the answers to some questions that you asked me! My dating life Are you still single? @lucky_and_choco It may surprise you, … Continued

Be like a cat

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Being a human you have to deal with a lot of things on a daily basis. The days can be stressful and decisions can be hard. But being a cat, your days are totally relaxed. Have you ever thought about … Continued

Bad habits

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Bad habits, almost every cat has them. And most of the time our humans have to accept them. Becauce in comparison with dog,s cats are harder to teach something. Even I have bad habits. Curious what those are? I’ll tell … Continued

My guilty pleasure

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Most cat owners have kitties who beg for food (even when the food bowl is full haha). It’s their guilty pleasure! But me, I’m not like most kitties when it comes to food. But I do have a (food related) … Continued

Signs you are a crazy cat lady

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When you have a cat, or multiple cats, and you love them as if it is your own child, you should be proud to be a crazy cat lady! But beside having a cat, what makes you a crazy cat … Continued

My favorite hashtags on Instagram

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When you’re active on Instagram, you will notice there are different hashtags for different times in the week. And it’s a fun way to take photos to match them! Let me tell you which ones I like to use. #catshatemonday … Continued

How I get my fur this fabulous

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Being a Maine Coon/Siberian I have a very long fur coat! Many of you may wonder.. how does June get her fur that fabulous all the time? Well in this blog I will spill my secrets with you, so get … Continued