A new Grumpy Cat

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You may have heard that Tardar Sauce, known as Grumpy Cat, recentely past away. This little kitty took over the internet in 2012 because of her permanently grumpy facial appearance (which was caused by an underbite and feline dwarfism). Although … Continued

Twin cats

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There are many different breeds of cats on the world. Being on Instagram, I see many of those coming by. The funny part is that many of those kitties look like me even though they are not the same breed … Continued

New drinking method

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Many people know: cats are not really fond of water. And I am like most cats in that case. I like to drink water and I occasionally like to run in the rain, but I’m not that fond of taking … Continued

Year overview: 2018

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2018 is officially over and I love to share some moments of mine from the past year with you in a year overview. Find out what all of these moments were in this blog post. Best moments of 2018 I’ve reached 100.000 … Continued

Secret Santa 2018

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Also this year we did #duchtsecretsanta with 9 Dutch Instagram cat accounts! Secret Santa is a game where you exchange Christmas presents anonymously with a group of, for example, friends or family. You’re each assigned to another member of the … Continued

Christmas gift for your cat

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December is here; The month of friends and family, cosiness and of course… gifts! As a cat owner, don’t forget to buy a Christmas gift for your cat because they are family too. And if you need a little inspiration what … Continued

My favorite places to sleep

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As you probably know, we cats love to sleep. To make up for our predatory lifestyle, we must spend about 15+ hours per day sleeping. And to do that, we choose the best places. Wether it’s a box or a … Continued

Ninja cat

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Many of you may have seen the video posts on my Instagram where I show off my ninja moves as the ninja cat. I want to give you a little more context about this signature move I have. So read … Continued

Meet the neighborhood kitties part 2

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About a year ago we moved into a new home. That also included of course: a new neighborhood. In a previous blog post I shown you what neighborhood cats I had. But since I have moved, it’s time for a … Continued

My prey the slipper

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I’m not like most cats. I have never come home with prey. Maybe that means that I’m just not a good hunter (even though I can have a pawesome hunting sound), but I have had the opportunity in the past. We … Continued