10th birthday

You may not have guessed it looking at me. But it is actually my 10th birthday! I’ve been in my humans live for 10 years now and a lot has happened in those 10 years. Let me catch you up real fast.


After searching the internet for a while, friends of my humans had a litter and the search finally stopped. My cat dad preferred one of the white kitties (yes, i was actually very white when born). The litter was pretty big, so even going for the color white they still had 3 kittens to choose from. And because they were friends of my humans, they actually had the first pick. At first, they thought about having a male (only one of us was male). Eventually they picked ‘the darkest’ white, ME!

Right from the start, I wasn’t even in my furrever home yet, humom created an Instagram account for me. That way she could post as many photos and videos of me as she wanted without it being spam in like the family and friends chats haha.

Fun fact: on Instagram we actually found my brother (the one white male my humans first thought of choosing). He is called Pip!

Bumpy start

I’ve actually spend a lot of time at the vet when I was younger… I vomited a lot. One time my humom came home and I had like puked in 6 different spots in the house. But after a lot of visits, scans, medication nothing helped. We actually even switched from veterinarian and they had a very different approach. Most likely had something to do with me eat too greedily and changing the brand of my dry food.

To this day it never really went away. But is sure got a lot less!


It was intended that I’d be an indoor cat. But that actually changed because of how our house was build. Our living room had no windows that would open. So on hot summer days, the only way to get some fresh air in was to open the back door. When my humans had a little party with a bigger amount of guests than usual they couldn’t avoid opening the back door and that was my first experience outside!

I’ve actually had been outside a few times, but on a leash haha.

And don’t tell anyone, but it actually took me a whole year to figure out how to climb the fence and ‘escape’ the garden! But even being able to really leave the garden, I stayed very close. Always in the back where there were no cars.

At that house, I even had a few neighbor cat furriends. That even got me this funny video.

New chapter

New house

In the same year my humans got married, we moved to a bigger house with an even bigger back yard for me to enjoy! And I got my own room. We upgraded it over the years and it looks really pawesome now. I do however consider the whole house to be mine haha, so it’s just mostly a place for all my cat furniture.

Best furriend

In the summer of 2018 I met my neighbor cat Brutus. He is my best furriend. We’ve had so many ninja adventures together and even till this day he comes by almost every day.

Furry sister

At the end of 2019 Jazz came as an addition to our family. I was and am always the queen of our house so I didn’t always show my gratitude. But we never fought and I even helped her developed her signature ninja moves that she practiced with Brutus and I

Sadly Jazz passed away in 2021 due to most likely FIP at the age of 1 year and 10 months.

Human brother

In 2020 humom a gave birth to my brother Mason. When he was a baby, I was ably to handle it. But as he is almost three now, I try to keep away from him when he comes my way. He has A LOT of energy and an ‘old’ lady like me just want the calm touch haha.

10th birthday present

My humans added a patio to our garden last year and the only thing that was missing was a scratching post that they actually wanted to buy when Jazz was still with us but then when she passed away the idea fell silent). The plan now actually went ahead and that’s what I got for my birthday. It’s a paweome one by Omniatempus that will be here any time soon.


And that is not the only birthday gift I will get. Make sure you check my Instagram this month for a pawesome announcement!


Don’t forget, I’m hosting a birthday giveaway in honor of my 10th birthday with a total of 8 prizes. Make sure you check it out!

x Junethekitty