Year overview: 2017

2017 is officially over and I love to share some moments of mine from the past year with you in a year overview. I had some great moments to close off the year 2017. But of course, there were also a few less great moments. Find out what all of these moments were in this blog post.

Best moments of 2017

  • This is already the third year I have my website live! Thank you all for visiting my website.
  • My humans got meowied back in January and it was such a lovely day!
  • We moved into a new and much bigger home. I have more space to go crazy and a very big garden I absolutely love.
  • Humom had a house warming with some Instagram furriends who secrretly came for me. So I got a lot of attention that day!
  • Humom met a lot of new Dutch Instagrammers with cats. She had two pawesome meetings with them and all in cat cafés in the Netherlands.
  • We cleaned up all my toys and because of that I found a new love for a toy that made quite the toy story.
  • I had a lot of fun with the snow in the beginning and at the end of the year! Hopefully more to come soon because it’s really fun to play in.

Less better moments of 2017

  • A little les fun, I had a few vet visits this year. All because I had an abscess that opened up twice. But it’s gone now.
  • I have some trouble getting to know the neighborhood kitties. At my old house, I was really friendly. But at my new house I’m very protective of what’s mine and often get mad.

Below you can see the most liked photos/videos from 2017 from my Instagram. Thank you for all the love!

x Junethekitty