A new Grumpy Cat

You may have heard that Tardar Sauce, known as Grumpy Cat, recentely past away. This little kitty took over the internet in 2012 because of her permanently grumpy facial appearance (which was caused by an underbite and feline dwarfism). Although her place can never be taken, I thought it would be fun to share some other Grumpy and Angry Cats that are taking over the internet!

Merlin the Mad Ragdoll

Merlin is a fluffy ragdoll that has a permanent mad look on his face and is still adorable!

Louis the Persian Cat

Louis, a Persian cat, has already been named the new Grumpy Cat by many. He doesn’t have as much followers as the original Grumpy Cat, but he’ll get there.

Garfi the World’s Angriest Cat

Garfi is a persion cat that takes over the world with his permanent angry face!

Albert the Selkirk Rex Cat

Albert may be a Rejected show cat, but he is showing off on the internet with his curly fur and mad face!

Sauerkraut the Kitty

This sour faced girl is not only very grumpy, she wears pawesome outfits (to help with her Feline Hyperesthesia)!

Kitzia the Angry Grumpy Cat

You don’t wanna mess with this angry girl. She does not only makes a mad faces with her eyes, but also with her lip!

Juno the Angry Cat

He doesn’t have a mean face all the time, but when he does it’s very good!

June the Kitty

I know, what am I doing in this list? Well I can make a grumpy face too, so why not!

Who is your favorite grumpy cat? Or do you feel like we are missing someone in this list? Let me know!

x Junethekitty