Baby brother on the way

Many of you may know that our humom is pregnant at the moment and we have a baby brother on the way (due August 23). That is why we thought to share some tips of how we get prepared for the arrival of our baby brother with you guys!

The basics

It’s very important to keep most of the things you have for your cat the same. For example the place where the scratching post, food and water bowls, litter box and favorite sleeping spots are located. And if it is really necessary to move stuff around, don’t do it all at once. Do it gradually!

Thankfully we have a home that is large enough where nothing of ours has to be moved.

A place to hide

As you don’t know how your cat will react to a new born, it is good to let them have a space to hide from all new impressions. For example a closet, a tipi tent or a cardboard box nearby.

We have many places to hide. We can for example hide behind the couch or even when we really want to be alone, we will go to our own room in the attic (filled with cat beds and a litter box).

The nursery

It is advisable to let your cats get used to the nursery in time. Don’t wait till the baby has arrived. That way your cat can get used to all the new smells and will be less curious when the baby is actually there.

Our humans have the room ready for a while now and let us in now and then to chill and smell the new furniture. We really love the rug they put in that room and often use it to practise our ninja moves haha.

Getting used to kids and baby’s

Do you have friends with little kids or babies? Let them come over in the months during the pregnancy so your kitties can get used to it. But choose children who are suitable for it that don’t continuously run after your cat. This can of course cause stress for your cat.

We have furriends with young children that have come over and we got used to them. Jazz is more brave than me though haha.

If you have any more tips, let me know in the comments!

x Junethekitty