Bad eater

Ever since I’m off my kitten food (the beginnning of 2014), I’ve been a really bad eater. In 2014 I’ve been back and forth to the vet, because I just kept trowing up. One day, I even did it in five different places in my house. So that wasn’t a nice suprise when the humans got home. They were really distraught.

The vet

When they took me to the vet yet again, they did a scan of my belly this time. Unfortunately (and fortunately of course) there wasn’t really anything to see on them. So there still was no way of knowing what was going on with me. Just in case the vet gave me a shot against the nausea so I wouldn’t throw up that much. That did work for a while, but just for a week. Again my humom took me to the vet and again they gave me a shot against nausea. But that was just a short term solution.

My humom wanted the oppinion of another vet, so we went there. This vet wanted to start slowely and not hit hard with medication. First step was to change my food and get something that prevents me from eating maybe too fast (because I’m a bad eater). The food I got did help for a few months. But unfortunately after that, the throwing up started again. We’ve tried many different foods after that, but nothing seems to help. My humans just accepted that I could throw up.

Another thing my humans noticed, is that I don’t chew my food that well. Around my food bowl you can always find a load of crumbs. And to show you guys how bad of an eater I am, my humom made a video of it. It’s really bad ha?

Does your kitty have trouble eating?

x Junethekitty