Bad habits

Bad habits, almost every cat has them. And most of the time our humans have to accept them. Becauce in comparison with dogs cats are harder to teach something. Even I have bad habits. Curious what those are? I’ll tell you about them.

Can a cat be trained?

Never say that anything is impossible. It is indeed possible to train your cat to take away their bad habits or for example to let them do tricks. There are of course some differences between the way cats and dogs are trained. You wouldn’t think so, but cats aren’t as likely to be motivated by praise as dogs. Cats are also less instinctively driven to work in partnership with their human companions. But that doesn’t mean they’re not able to!

My humans never let me do tricks or trained me to do anything. The bad habits I do have, they’ve accepted.

I’m curious, did you train your cat to do something?

My bad habits

I’m not all angel as I appear to be on my Instagram. Let me tell you about my bad habits:

  • Ever since I’m off kitten food I’ve been vomiting. Read more about that in my other blog post.
  • There are crumbs all around my food bowl because I scoop my food out of the bowl on to the floor and eat it.
  • I stretch myself on the couch, which left the couch not looking as new as it once was.
  • I wake up my humans in the middle of the night by scratching the bed. Which also left the bed not looking as new as it once was.
  • I run around the house like a ninja when it’s time for my crazy minutes
  • I’m not that good in letting know what I want so the humans give me food, water or let me outside but that’s not always what I want haha.

Does your cat have bad habits as well?

x Junethekitty