Winter is here and that means birds are looking for food in the gardens! It’s because humans here in the Netherlands love to put out bird food in their gardens during the cold season. It does not only help them eat during this cold season, but it’s also cozy having them in your garden. It’s like watching tv!

The birds are here

And well, cold? Here in the Netherlands we haven’t gotten a real winter yet. Not that cold and most certainly no snow. And that’s going on for a long while now. Let’s hope we get some in January!

But we were talking about birds! haha.

My humom also put bird food in the garden. We love to watch together how they approach it. And me, I always make my famous hunting chirp. Does your cat do this as well?

Lately there have been a lot of different big ones coming by. Like doves, magpies and crows. And for those, I have a secret peek spot. If you look closely in the pictures above, you can see me! And as you can see me, most of the birds don’t. They are not that smart haha.

I’ve never catched a bird in my life though! Did your cat ever bring a bird to you?

x Junethekitty