Bullying a toad

Ever since I lived in this house, we have had frogs and a toad in our garden. They come out every year around spring. And when I notice them.. they better watch out because I like to play with them!

The toad is back

This year it happend very early. It’s only the beginning of April and I already found one in my neighbors garden!

Humom was in our garden and heard a squeaky sound. She knew right away it was a frog or toad. She peeked through the fence because I was in the neighbors garden and she saw me playing with.. yes a toad!

My humom wasn’t really happy about me playing with it. She couldn’t make me stop (because I was in another garden) and it seemed like the little guy was hurting (it made a lot of noise). She tried to get to that garden to get me to stop playing with it, but the neighbors were not home so there was no way of her getting there.

But then she had a idea! Turned out it was a good idea for her, but a very very bad idea for me. She took a glass of water and threw it at me to scare me off! It did help, because I ran out of there, got back to our garden and I ran back inside. I don’t mind a little rain now and then, but getting that much water on your fur is not fun!

I hope the little guy is ok! I was only playing with him..

x Junethekitty