Cat cam – part 1

Last week my humom bought a cat cam! It can be attached to a collar and records everything I do. My humom is so curious to see where I go when I’m off on my adventures outside and a cat cam was the purrfect way to find out

Wearing a cat cam

It was a bit difficult for me to get used to. Step one was getting used to the collar, because I never wear one. Surprisingly I got used to it very fast. And of course humom made sure it was a good looking one (it’s a pink one).

She can press record when I’m on my way and shut it down when I’m back. It records the whole thing! Above you can see one of my very first adventures with me wearing it!

My first adventure recorded

As you can see in the video, you can see the world from my perspective (low on the ground). When you’re not familiar with the surroundings like my humom is, it may be a bit hard to watch haha. But let me get you through it a bit:

  • It starts with me jumping the fence (impressive right)?
  • Then I jump off and take a long walk into the alley. You can really see my thempo, the view is very wobbly haha.
  • When heading back to my home, I run into a neighborhood kitty! But he doesn’t seem to be very impressed by me.
  • I run after the kitty for a while, but he goes into a garden I’m not interested in.
  • I jump back on our fence (again, impressive right? It’s pretty high!)
  • I’m having a look at over the alley and our garden. I stay there for a while to just enjoy the view.
  • Then I head back inside.

x Junethekitty