Cat cam part 3

Today humom decided to let me wear my cat cam again! It has been a while since she has done that, so it was fun to show you what I did on one of my walks outside!

What happened?

There are a lot of fun details in this video! And as you can see in the video again, you can see the world from my perspective (low on the ground). When you’re not familiar with the surroundings like my humom is, it may be a bit hard to watch haha. But let me get you through it a bit:

  • You can see the plane in the sky you hear in the beginning of the video.
  • I’m looking at myself in the mirror that is in our barn, so I’m even in this video myself haha.
  • When I’m in the barn, you can hear (and see) me scratch my neck because of having this camera on my neck (I still need to get used to wearing this).
  • We had a neighborhood cat visitor! It’s a shame you can not see the moment I saw that orange cat, because I was all crooked with my hairs standing up, roar hihi.

x Junethekitty