Catch me if you can

This Sunday Funday didn’t start out that well. There was a grey sky and even some rain now and then. So there went my plan to go out and play in the backyard all day! But it eventually cleared up, the sun even showed up a little and I started to play a fun came: Catch me if you can! Read more to find out how that went.

Catch me

Because of this not so great weather today, I stayed inside and went from spot to spot to get… well my beauty sleep of course!

But thank god eventually at the end of the afternoon the sun showed itself and I was allowed to play in the backyard. Whoohoo! And this time I didn’t go alone. While mom chased me around with her camera (which has become very normal as I am a super meowdel), my cat dad also joined us and started playing ‘catch me if you can’ with me!

Of course I am way better at it. There was no way he could catch me. I was almost as fast as a cheeta!

Do you also do fun games with your humans? I would love to hear about them!

x Junethekitty