Caught on camera

I think I speak for every cat owner when I say they would love to know what their kitty is doing when they’re not at home. Am I right? Our humom sure did! She has a camera that she can control from any place to spy on us. It made some hilarious videos and we want to share the best ones with you in this blog post.


The camera my humom uses to spy on us is a Petcube. The Petcube camera is an interactive pet camera that lets you see, talk to and play with your pets on your smartphone. No matter where you are. You can stay connected and keep your furry loved ones entertained with a game of laser tag or treats.

Our top videos

Having a camera sure did bring some hilarous moments. Which one is your favorite?

Getting in the way

One time my humom got home from work and didn’t turn off the Petcube yet and caught a very funny moment! When Jazz was few months old, she loved to walk in front of my humans feed very fast. It almost made them trip a few times.


You have to do something when the humans are not at home. So why not practise my ninja moves on the furniture right?

In our attic there is a rug on the floor that my sister Jazz and I use to practise our ninja moves. Because we did that a lot, humom decided to point the camera towards it to capture some funny moments.

The slipper

In the winter my humom uses slippers to keep her feed warm. She left them in the living room when she went to work. And when she got home, she found the slippers in different places. Looking back on the camera, she found out why!


Crazy 5 minutes.. every cat owner knows those right?


With one of our camera’s our humom can throw treats at us. One time the camera caught me eating a snack. Wel.. trying to eat it.


I was often waiting near the camera for my humom to throw a treat. So I took a nap close to it. Waiting can be exhausting, so I did a big sigh.

x Junethekitty