Christmas gift for your cat

December is here; The month of friends and family, cosiness and of course… gifts! As a cat owner, don’t forget to buy a Christmas gift for your cat because they are family too. And if you need a little inspiration what to get your cat this year, let me give you some suggestions!

Scratch like crazy

Do you have enough scratching opportunities in your home for your cat? Or maybe the scratching post you have now is old or it’s time to replace it because your cat uses it a lot? There are so many fun options when it comes to scratching material! Let me sum up a few:

  • Cat trees: They come in all kind of fun sizes and forms so there will always be one that will look great in your interior ánd your cat will love.
  • Scratching board: These come in handy when your cat loves to scratch the furniture. There are a lot of scratching boards that you can attach to your furniture.
  • Scratching pad: This product is not only great to scratch, but is great to sleep on it (at least, that’s what I do). And you even have options nowadays to design a scratching pad yourself. Did you see my design yet?
  • Scratching bed: There are also a lot of round cardboard scratching furniture products your cat can use as a bed!
  • Scratching toys: They even make great toys with a little scratching pad on it, like a big mouse or a hammock.

Addicted to catnip

If your cat loves catnip, then buying a catnip toy will always be a good idea! They come in all kind of shapes and forms like a unicorn, vegitables or a banana. And during the holiday season, they make a lot of Christmas themed catnip toys. You can get them in the shape of a jingle bell or just little rectangle bags with a Christmas wrapping.

Dining like a King or Queen

Your cat is the King or Queen of the house. And their dining place should be that too! These days there are many fancy food bowls out their for your kitty.

  • Sensor: You can get one with a sensor in it that will only open for your cat (comes in handy when you have more cats and one is on a special diet, or when you also have dogs or kids that accationally eat from it).
  • Tray: Does your cat not like to eat low to the ground? Then cat a fancy food tray where the bowls are in!
  • Water fountain: When your cat loves running water, a water fountain is the purrfect gift! Keeps them entertained and hydrated.
  • Ceramics or RVS: A lot of cats get cat acne from plastic bowls. To prevent this, get a Ceramic or RVS bowl.

Toys, toys and toys

Do you have enough toys for your cat? If your cat is not allowed to go outside, their habitat will be much smaller. They will have less stimularion so they will eat and sleap more (and get heavier easier). This is why it’s always important to play with your cat and keep it entertained. Even a cat that is allowed to go outside will enjoy this!

And there are plenty of toys to choose from! A stick with feathers at the end is always a good option, or little wrinkly balls, a mouse toy or a laser light!

Fun for the human

When your cat already has a lot of stuff, getting a gift that you pretend is for your cat but you will enjoy even more is always a good option.

  • Photo products: These days you can get anything with your own photo on it. So why not a photo of your cat? You can for example buy a customized mobile or tablet case, a bag, necklace, clothing, mugs and pillows. This way you can brag about your cat.
  • Frame your photos: Making photos of your cat is already fun, but showing them off in your house is even better. Print one very big or make a collage of your best photos.
  • Paw print: Want to have a great memory of your cat? Why not make a paw print and frame it (or even get a tattoo out of it)? These days you have products that don’t leave a mess on your pets skin but just work with pressure and give a great result!

What are you gonna get for your cat this Christmas?

x Junethekitty