Christmas tree

Every year we have a Christmas tree in our home, because well hello who wouldn’t want one in their home during this festive holiday season? It brings a lot of joy doesn’t it? My humom loves to have a real tree in the house. She grew up with a real one and it simply just looks great and smells great! But this year we did something a little different. Read more to find out what!

Different Christmas tree

Our house isn’t that big and we have a very small living room. This combined makes it hard to put in a large tree. So to have our space but still enjoy Christmas, we had a very tine one this year! This one stood on a dresser so took no walking space at all! We also had very small ornaments in it that made it even more cute!

And of course I had to pose with the tree to get some beautifulo Christmas shots. Take a look at some of the photos of me with our beautiful tree below!

What kind of tree do you have in your home around Christmas? Is it a real one, a fake one or make even a wooden one?


x Junethekitty