Last night I was l lying on moms lap when all of a sudden she noticed I started drooling. And after a while not a little, but a lot. When posting it on Instagram a lot of furriends said kitties drool often because they’re happy, but mom was a bit sceptic about it. It just kept on coming out of my mouth, so not really like a little happy drool.

Trying to sleep

My humans wanted to wait the night to see if it was still there. Humom didn’t have a pleasant night. I like sleeping against her legs and only on her side of the bed (not on dads haha). So when she woke up at 5:30am she couldn’t sleep anymore because her side of the bed was soking wet. There was only a little bit of space I didn’t drool, so she wasn’t very comfortable.

And it didn’t get any better. I was sitting on the TV cabinet with my head hanging to the side and she heard ‘drop’, ‘drop’, ‘drop’ on the floor. When she had to get up for work she found this:

Off to the vet

She later called the vet and we had an appointment this evening. It did stop before we had to go, I just had a little bit of a wet mouth. But we still went, just to be sure!

While waiting in the waiting room at the vet, there was a dog there. I was a bit scared and stared growling. Mom thought it was funny, pff.

After telling the vet how humom found me eating my food (it was in a lot of chuncks next to the bowl, like I couldn’t really swallow well) and finding drool all over the house etcetera, she first started checking my mouth. Fortunately she didn’t found anything and my mouth was looking good! It might have been a bad reaction to something I licked or ate. And because it already almost stopped, I was able to go home with just a basic check.

Before writing this blog I was on moms lap again and started drooling again haha, but It’s a lot less and will stop :).

x Junethekitty