Erica Danger

Today I met Erica Danger. She is a photographer born and raised in Portland, Oregon and currently based in Los Angeles, California. She went to Amsterdam for a couple of days and asked if she could meet and photograph me. I don’t  How could I say no!? I was born to be a meowdel.


Erica works to capture the unique beauty and adorable quirks of every cat she meets. Her goal is to provide every client with gorgeous, high-end lifestyle portraits, images to treasure for a lifetime! When she travels around the world, she contacts different cat owners if she can come take pictures of their cats!

Ait first I was very shy when she was in our house. I was just sitting under the table while she started giving me treats and started playing with me. Even after that, I wasn’t really sure about it. After a while I started sitting on the couch and windowsill and just went with it. The model in me took over and I let her photgraph me haha.

We even went outside at the end and I was showing off how fast I can run!

Go check out her website and Instagram. Thanks for the meet up Erica, can’t wait to see the pictures!

x Junethekitty