Escaping the garden

My humans where always a bit scared letting me play alone in the garden, especially my humom. They are scared I might get lost (me escaping the garden) or get stolen, so mom always went with me. It was a big step for them to let me go outside alone.

Letting me play outside alone

When they had a party at home with friends to watch a World Championship soccer game in 2014, they had to leave the door open because it was getting pretty warm in the living room where there are no windows to open. That’s the first time I went and played alone in the garden, because they didn’t want to lock me upstairs.

I unfortunately never figured out how to climb the garden fence and escape. So they where comfortable with me alone in the garden.

Escaping the garden

That all changed when I met one of my neighbours cats. He came to visit me in MY garden. I didn’t really know what to do, so I just followed him around. Until he went over the fence by climbing it. That’s how I got the example I needed to escape myself.

It still took me a few weeks to figure it out, but I got it now! Yes, the humans are still not comfortable with it, but they also don’t want me to be locked up all day in the house because I’m used to a little time outside every now and then. So they do keep an eye on me whenever I’m outside and I can’t be outside too long. I almost always stay on the fence and just go to the neighbours gardens to have a peek from above.

Today a neighbor from across came out of his garden into the alley and gave me a cuddle!

Fortunately I almost alway come back when my humans call me or make noise with sweets. I can however also be just having to much fun to come back, but I will come back eventually (or mom goes looking for me and catches me)!

x Junethekitty