Exploring the new house

June 26 it was time: we were moving to a new house! That house was originally from the pawrents of my cat dad, so the humans had already access to it and moved stuff for weeks. The week before moving day, the last items were getting in boxes and the house was getting pretty empty.

Car ride to our new house

The day of I was the first one to be actually moved. And while I had many different car rides in the past (for different vet visits and a photoshoot), this time it was different. It went well when we dropped of my cat dad at the rental car place for him to get the moving car, but on the way to our new house I got nervous. We were almost there, but I started to meow really low. Then humom smelled something. She did not know if I puked or pooped. But when we arrived, she knew haha. The moment I jumped out of my carrier poop fell down on the floor. I just did a nervous poop!

My new room

I was being put in a room filled with all my stuff with the door closed. That way I could not run out of the house and run away! Humom got into to room very often to check up on me. I was meowing a lot and also was very cuddly! I really liked getting attention, because it was a bit confused why they put me in that room. I even started breathing like a dog!

When my humans brought my scratching post, I was a lot calmer. I layed down on top of it and didn’t meow like a crazy cat.

The first night in a new house

Even though I have my own room now, humom put my scratching post in their bedroom like it was in our old house. That way I could feel comfortable. And she was right. I went and slept on top of there the first night and was doing great.

I’m doing really great now almost two weeks later! I sleep in my humans bedroom every night, mostly still on the scratching post. Haven’t slept in humoms neck yet (like I always did every night in our old house). Humom is sad about that, but also happy (because it’s pretty hot in the Netherlands right now haha). But she knows it takes some time for me to get comfortable in the new house.

Exploring the new house

The house we have now, is a lot bigger than our last house! The first week I even got lost and started meowing out of no where to find my humans. I do it less often now, but still sometimes to find the humans. And even almost two weeks later now, I still have new places to discover. And not only is it a new house, but there is also a lot of new furtinure to get used to.

But I already found a lot of pawesome sleeping places! And have more to discover.

Discovering the beautiful garden

Having a new house also meant a new garden. And this garden is like three or four times a big as the last one! It’s too bad my humans won’t let me explore it on my own yet. This because cats can run away when they are not familiar to their surroundings. And that does make it hard because it has been really nice weather in the Netherlands. Fortunately humom still had a week off from work and took me outside a few times to explore. I still get nervous from some sounds the neighbors make, but it has been great so far!

On to a lot more adventures!

x Junethekitty