First encounter with falling snow

Every time there is snow in our garden, but I never actually see it fall. Well, I do see it from behind the glass but that’s because my humans are not home. So they can’t let me go outside to actually feel it. But that all changed!

First time feeling snow falling

This morning, when mom was ready to go to work, it starting snowing! And sweet as humom is, she let me outside to have my first experience with falling snow. And by that she missed her bus. But 15 minutes later there was another one, so it wasn’t that bad haha. And it was totally worth it.

I’m not sure what to think about it. It’s cold and wet! It almost looks and feels like rain falling down.

What I was really fascinated by was the tree in the neighbors garden. Because it wasn’t cold enough for the snow to stay put, it melted very fast. The white stuff on the leafs was falling down really fast and that almost made it look and sound like there was a bird or another cat hidden in the tree. It was a lot of fun to watch that happen!

x Junethekitty