First snow of 2017

This Caturday we had our first snow of not only this year, but also this whole winter! Unfortunately it was just a little layer of white goodness and it was gone pretty fast, but it sure was a lot of fun.

Let’s go outside

When humom woke up today and saw it was white outside, she grabbed her camera and went outside with me asap. This of course to make some pictures of me with it before it was gone, because it melts so fast!

I have not seen that many snow in my whole kitty life. We don’t have much of it the Netherlands. So when it’s there, I always have to inspect it all over again before I go in it. I get used to it pretty fast. Yes it may be cold and wet, but I am a Siberian so it’s in my nature to not be bothered by it.

Like I said, humom went with me to take some photos. Check out the photoshoot I had in the snow! My fluff looks really purrfect in this environment!

Do you have a lot of snow in your country and do you let your cat play in it?


x Junethekitty