The front door

It’s already been two years since I was allowed to go outside for the first time. You can call me an outdoor cat. But how am I doing being a cat with a specific breed that is not often alloud to go outside?

How it all began

My humans didn’t want me to go outside at first, because they were scared I might be taken by people or get lost. But our living room does not have any windows that open, so we had to open the back door if it was getting too hot inside.

The very first time I went outside was when my humans were having a party. It was in the summer, so it was getting pretty hot inside. They just had to open the door and so I also went outside.

The first few times after that I had a walking armor to get used to the outdoors. I really didn’t like that thing at all! After a few weeks, I was allowed to walk on my own. And it is pawesome!

Climbing the fence

For almost a year I stayed in our garden. I didn’t know I could climb the fence. But I did saw some other neighborhood kitties do it, so I started practising after a year. Of course the humans were a bit scared when I finally figured it out and went outside of our garden.

I’m only allowed to go outside when my humans are at home so they can check up on me. Sometimes they don’t even have to! Every now and then I go back inside, meow and give hugs to let them know I’m still there and go back enjoying my adventures outside.

The front of the house

The front door however is off limits for me! My humans prefer to let me go out via the back door, so I never really went out through the front door (just one time by mistake haha).

I can get to our front door however. Our alley that is linked to our backyard goes to a little square and via that square I’m at my front door. But I never went that way, always stayed away from there.

Until now because my humans find me more and more often on that square. Yes, new advertures!

But they still won’t let me out via the front door, because they rather have me in the backyard. I can understand. Who wouldn’t want tot take a pretty girl like me home right?

x Junethekitty