Fun fact: Cry for attention

Every cat has their own unique characteristics. It makes your cat who he is. So I thought it would be fun to share one of my characteristics with you. It’s time for a fun fact about me: My cry for attention.

The garden

My humans let me outside in the garden since June 2014. There really was no other option than to let me go outside. There are no windows that can open in the living room. So when it’s a hot day, the door has to be open to get some fresh air.

Even though I’m free outside, I haven’t managed to escape the garden in any way. But yes, I’m still trying! haha. But let’s go back to a fun fact about me you don’t know yet.

Cry for attention

Whenever I’m in the garden, my humans are most of the time relaxing inside (well, when it’s not nice and warm outside). That means I’m really ‘alone’ for a while. So after a while, I just need to know my humans are ok inside that house. What I do is I ran inside (through the cat flap) with a loud bang, scream loud to let my humans know I’m there, find them to get a cuddle for one minute and then go back outside.

What my humans think I’m saying while I scream: “MOM, DAD? Are you still there? HELLO, you did not leave me did you? WHERE ARE YOU? Oh thank god, there you are. Give me a cuddle. Ok, now I can go outside again with a piece of mind.”

What I’m actually saying: “MOM, DAD? Are you ok? I’ve been gone for a while now, you must be missing me and wondering if I’m ok. Well, here I am, showing my face so you know I’m ok. Yes yes, you can give me a cuddle. Ok bye, I will be outside again.”

x Junethekitty