My guilty pleasure

Most cat owners have kitties who beg for food (even when the food bowl is full haha). It’s their guilty pleasure! But me, I’m not like most kitties when it comes to food. But I do have a (food related) guilty pleasure of my own. In this blog you will find out what that is.

Why do cats love food so much?

While most of the time it might be a bit funny when a kitty begs for food or when they’re steeling food from you plate, have you ever thought about why they do it?

Why a cat is extremely hungry can have multiple causes. Here are a few of them:

  1. Your cat has hyperthyroidism or diabetes
  2. Your cat has worms
  3. Your cat is bored, lonely or depressed
  4. Your cat’s food isn’t meeting his nutritional need
  5. Your cat just really like food 😉

Does your cat eat a lot? Check (with your vet) if one of the first four is applicable to your cat.

Not a big eater

I’ve had quite the bad experience when it comes to food. A few months after I was off kitten food (my humans don’t know exactly when) I started vomiting. And not just like food and hairballs, also bile. We went to the vet but couldn’t really found out what it was. One time I even vomited in so many different places, my humans were shocked when they came home. But the vet still couldn’t find what it was.

Because they’re wasn’t really a solution, we just tried different food brands (and even ways to make me eat less greedy). Nowadays I still vomit, but maybe 2-3 times a week. My humans just accepted it.

And like is said earlier, I’m not like most kitties. When my food bowl is emty, I do not whine for more. And when my humans are eating, I’m not trying to steal food from their plate. My cat dad did notice that I’m more annoying at in the middle of the night when the food bowl is empty haha. And when they’re eating I am on the table with them, but only to keep them company. I swear! haha.

What food I eat

I only eat dry food. Because of the vomiting, my humans mostly buy dry food that tries to prevent that or is good for my bowel movement. We did try wet food, but that I’ll just vomite out right away.

There were a few little less succesfull attempts. For example one brand made me have diarrhea! And with my long fur coat, that is not so convenient haha. My humom had to take quite some showers with me.

For now they found a brand I like, Royal Canin Regular Sensible, so they’ll keep me on that for a while.

My guilty pleasure

As you now know I only eat dry food. And let me tell you, eating dry food all day can be boring. So to make it more interesting, I get treats!

Even with treats, I can be very picky. Most cats just eat anything, but not me. I only like specific ones. I mostly eat Whiskas temptations, Catisfactions kitty snacks or Felix Partymix. They are also the ones found in my Petcube Bites.

But there is one treat I really really enjoy, my guilty pleasure: Whiskas Sticks. This is the only treat I will meow for when my humans have it in their hands! And this is also the treat my humans use to get me inside when I’m playing outside. They just have to make a sound with the wrapping and I will run home!

Does your cat have a guilty pleasure when it comes to food?

x Junethekitty