Help! Rescue me

My humans only let me outside when they are at home. And every time I go outside, I come back every now and then to say hi and ask for a cuddle. This way I let my humans know I’m still around! But this time, operation rescue cat was a go.

Gone for a while

But last night I was out for a while without showing myself, so humom went to take a look outside. It was already dark, so it was hard to see anything.

The first thing she did was checking the neighbors garage. I have been in there before (you can read that here) and started meowing like crazy. But this time, I was not in there.

Help me!

Humom did however hear me meowing from somewhere, so furter into the alley she heared my meow coming from a neighbor garden. She couldn’t see me though. Together with those neighbors humom and cat dad went to take a look in their garden. And guess what? I was stuck on a roof that was the extension of the home of their neighbors haha.

My cat dad had to get a ladder to take me down, because there was no way I was jumping on anything.

So my humans can always tell when something is wrong when I don’t show myself during my outside fun!

x Junethekitty