Home alone

When your humons go on a vacation, it’s always hard for them to leave their kitties behind and be home alone. But also to find a good sitter! Hopefully they have a neighbor or friend who can look after them, but there is also a chance you have to go to something like a kennel. In my case, we always have family who can look after me. So when my humans went on a trip for a few days, they made sure I was looked after.


For the past 5 days my humans were on a city trip to Istanbul. And yes, they didn’t even bring me.. how rude is that? But anyway I did have a pawesome sitter, my auntie Francis (owner of my nephews @lucandsyl_thecats). She came every morning and every night to feed and cuddle me. And she even let me go outside in the garden! But she caught me every time I wanted to climb over the fence, because she knew that when I got over it she was going to be there for a while haha.

She knows how much my humans like to have pictures send to them. So auntie send them a lot and even a video! Above you can see some of those pics.

Unfortunately my humans where 4 hours delayed and there is a whole story behind that. First, there was a Turkish Airline plane earlier that day that had to make a forced landing because the engine was on fire. So that made all the flights delayed. Secondly, some locals where argiung with the crew. That eventually got out of hand because when they finally were ready to take off, an ambulance had to come. One of those people had some heart issues, well so she said. It later turned out it was just a cry for attention and there was nothing wrong with her! So they got back to the end of the line again for take off. Thirdly, when they landed on Schiphol airport in Amsterdam it was still a long ride with the plane to the airport itself because they landed on an airstrip far away from the airport. But finally, at 3:30am they got to cuddle and kiss me again! And I slept right on my favorite spot, next to moms legs on their bed.

If you want to see some photos from their trip, you should follow my humom on Instagram @Nancytells!

x Junethekitty