How I get my fur this fabulous

Being a Maine Coon/Siberian I have a very long fur coat! Many of you may wonder.. how does June get her fur that fabulous all the time? Well in this blog I will spill my secrets with you, so get ready to be amazed!

The secret to my fabulous fur

  • Make sure you clean your fur every day a few times with your tongue. Keeping yourself clean is very important;
  • When the humans come to youb with an object that looks like a brush, make sure you run as fast as you can so they can’t use it on you;
  • When the humans want to take you in the shower or the bathtub, let them do that every once in a while so they can reach the places your tongue can’t and you’re totally clean again;
  • And when you have a knot (I only have them a few times a year) let the human cut it away.

No comb for me

So.. this may not have been what you expected, but that is how I take care of my fur. I absolutely hate to be brushed. My humans have a Furminator and even bought a soft brush for me. But every time I see it, I run away. And when they manage to comb me, I make it really hard for them and know how to use my nails and teeth.

They are pretty lucky because I knot very little, so it’s not necessary to be combed.

What is your secret? Tell me in a comment!

x Junethekitty