Ice cream for cats

Every kitty deserves a treat now and then. And instead of letting your cat lick from your own popsicle on those hot summer days, why not make him his own ice cream? It’s the purrfect treat for your cat in the summer and it’s easy to make.

Be prepared to get your cat hooked on delicious ice cream!

Ice cream for cats: the steps

  1. It all begins with popsicle molds which are very easy to find in stores or online. You have them in all kinds if fun figures these days. If you don’t want your kitty to eat a lot of ice cream, think about getting a small size mold (you of course can get a bigger one and not have your cat eat everything).
  2. As ingredient use water based canned salmon or tuna. You could use other fish or even meat, as long as it’s water based and not oil.
  3. Drain the water out of the can in a cup. If it’s enough to fill your mold, put that in the mold. If it’s not enough yet, add some more water in the can, let it sit for a while (to extract more of the fish flavor) and drain that again. Or if your cat is a fan of frozen water, you can always just add plain water to the first water you drained out of the can.

It’s really as simple as that! There is another variation that is also nice to do:

  • You can also add the fish or meat itself. Put it in the blender to make it more a mousse (so that it’s easier to lick from the popsicle) and add it with the water (or even add a little extra water).

The first time I had ice cream, I wasn’t really sure if I liked it. But after the second one I knew I LOVED it! My humom tried two different flavors, salmon and tuna. I love tuna the most!

x Junethekitty