In memory of Jazz

With pain in our heart we have to let you know that Jazz passed the rainbow bridge. She died in my arms on July 7 when we put her to sleep.


She wasn’t totally herself for a while and we did check ups at the vet but couldn’t find the problem. Last weekend she got a high fever, stopped eating completely and got jaundice. We had her admitted at the vet. And even after trying to help her with medication and feeding her, but on the 7th she got really really bad in a very short time (I will not get in the detail about it). All the results say that it was most likely the dry form of FIP. Jazz was not even 2 yet, she died way too young.


Untill now, all I remember are those final moments of her in my arms where she was not herself and very sick. It was and is hard for me to remember the good days. That is why in memory of her I wanted to write a blog about her. A blog about all her sweet, funny and naughty moments. I made a list of the most things I could remember about her.

  • When Jazz was a kitten, her meow was very silent. Almost like when a boy who has not dropped his voice yet. It did change at one point!
  • Jazz had such a loud purr. We were not used to it because June’s purr is very modest. It was such a soothing sound and she would start purring by just the slightest touch or even when you said her name.
  • There has only been one moment where Jazz was allowed to give June a bath for a few seconds. It melted my heart.
  • The first time Jazz was in the bathroom when I was taking a bath, she was very curious and started walking on the edge. She fell in the tub and I caught the moment on video.
  • Whenever there was a sport with a ball on the tv (mostly soccer or tennis) Jazz would ‘play‘ with the ball.
  • Whenever walking up or down the stairs, you had to be careful when Jazz was around. She would follow you, but also beat you to it. So if you were not careful you could fall.
  • And not only on the stairs. As a kitten she also had the habit to walk in front of your feet that you almost would fell down. I only realized later that we caught it on the Petcube and it was too funny not to share.
  • Every morning she was waiting for her little bowl of cat milk. That’s the first thing she wanted when we got downstairs.
  • You know the stick treats you can break in little pieces? She loved it if we threw the pieces away so she would have to catch them.
  • The first few attempts Jazz had a little trouble getting used to our insect screen at the garden door. After a while she got the hang of it, but those first times were very funny.
  • Sometimes Jazz was more a dog than a cat. She legit could fetch toys, it was funny too see when the toys were big like the sticks with feathers.
  • Jazz was very good at the butt wiggle attack. She mostly did it not even to attack, but before she went outside. Almost like from excitement.
  • When in play mode, Jazz could make herself almost disappear how flat she could make herself (including the ears).
  • Jazz was a legit member of the ninja club. She had her own moves. I really loved her ninja jump the most.
  • One of my most liked and shared photos on our Instagram is the one of Jazz and Brutus in an epic ninja pose.
  • Jazz had very long ear fluff and a very fluffy tail. Those were the most topics in the comment section whenever I posted a photo of her.
  • Jazz had a signature stretch. She would do it on a daily basis and even multiple times a day.
  • When Jazz was sleeping somewhere (either for example the scratching post, the bed or the couch) and you started petting her, she would stretch and most of the time go lie in a funny position and leave her belly open for belly rubs.
  • Jazz her bond with my son Mason was growing more and more. She for example napped with him in his bed during his afternoon nap. And we even had a little ritual where every morning when I entered Masons room and opened the roller blind she would get up the windowsill and I could come over with Mason so he could give her a pet.
  • Jazz loved to give head bumps. When you wanted to give her a kiss on her head, she would head bump you. She also loved to give you head bumps against your legs. She was such a cuddle buddy.
  • No bird could fly, walk or sit by without Jazz noticing and chattering at it.
  • She loved the birds so much, she would climb in the bird feeder and pretend to be a bird just to try and catch (which she never did in the end).
  • We had to buy child locks for the drawers of our night stands because Jazz would open them in the middle of the night and scoop everything out.
  • Jazz loved to bring toys to our bed in the middle of the night. Whenever she did, she dropped it on the bed and gave a little meow. It was most fun when she got to the long sticks (like those with feathers), because they would make a lot of noise coming up the stairs.
  • Jazz was a big fan of the neighbors fish pond. She could spend hours next to it, just staring at the fishes. She occasionally even went on the pond. They had a net on it to protect the fish from birds and cats. The neighbor even send a photo of her on the net to me ones.
  • This past winter we had some pretty cold days (for us in The Netherlands). We for example had snow for the first time in a few years. But it turned out Jazz hated the winter. She didn’t like going outside until the temperature went back up.
  • Jazz loved to climb trees. The neighbors had two of them, and she would go up high to chase birds or just to be a wildcat.
  • Almost as if she saw June as her teacher, she took over habits from June. She for example slowly took over some of the favorite places of June to sleep like the back of the couch and the scratch bed at the foot end of our bed.
  • As a kitten Jazz loved to sleep in my neck. When she got older, she slept a lot between our head pillows, still close to our heads.
  • When Jazz set her mind on sleeping next to me, if it was between my legs or right next to me stomach, she could spent the whole night in the same spot and I would wake up with back pain. But it was worth it!

What were your favorite moments of Jazz? Please let me know in the comment section. It would make a beautiful addition to the this list.