In quarantine with your cat(s)

In these unsure times most of us are spending as much time safely in our homes. And not being able to go to the office or meet up with friends and family can be bit boring. But when you live with cats, nothing is boring! Let me give you some tips for what to do with/for your cats.

Their own room or space

This sure is the time to start some DIY projects! And whats better than giving your cat(s) a pawesome room or space of their own?

When you do have an extra room you can fill it with scratchers and baskets. But also decorating the wall is a great idea! Even when you don’t have an extra room. Give them something to climb on and overlooking their territory. They’ll love it. And if you need some inspiration, have a look at the wall in my room!

Take out your camera

Do you have an Instagram page for your cat(s)? When you’re hanging out with your cat(s) all day, you can stalk them all day with your camera or phone! That way you have enough to post for the next few days or even weeks!

And it is also the time to capture those funny moments on video. When you’re home with them all day, the change you’ll miss a funny moment is smaller.


Do you have a lot of toys, baskets or scratching posts for your cat(s) and they don’t even use all of it? Why not donate what your cat(s) does not use anymore to a local shelter or someone you know who can use it?

You’re not only cleaning up your house, but also making other people happy! And of course, maybe it’s better to wait to actually give it away when the corona virus is almost gone!

Last but not least: attention

It must not come as a surprise that when you’re more arround, your cat(s) are demanding your attention. So don’t ignore them, go pet them and play with them! Give them a nice brush, clean their favorite baskets and a lot of pets and kisses!

There are of course cats that rather be left alone haha, but try to pet them or give them a kiss!

x Junethekitty