Little human visiter

Today my humom had a visitor: a friend came over to make some photos of her belly because she is pregnant. But she brought someone with her.. a little human child! It’s her daughter called Nikki. She is almost three years old like me and absolutely loves cats.

Meeting a child for the first time

When humom was shooting them, I wanted to have a closer look to see what was happening. But I don’t know if that was the best thing to do. Nikki soon noticed me and I distracted her haha. She called me and wanted to pet me. But I was still looking from a save distance.

At one point, I surrendered and was even brought into the shoot. We took some some cute photos together, but after a while I let them know I wasn’t really into it anymore and I left. But that didn’t stop Nikki from wanting to cuddle me some more. So I stayed in the room to keep them company.

Well, only till a certain point. After a while I left the room, but was still looking from a distance because I remained interested.

x Junethekitty

PS: I did not get hurt from excessive hugs haha