Locked up

Whenever my humans let me play outside, I always check in every once in a while. I just come in the house, give a little meow and hug and go back outside. Just to let them know I’m still there. But when you’re locked up, you can’t!


In the winter it’s dark early outside, so they let me out a little less after work. But whenever it’s dry I get to be outside for just a little while.

Mom got home from work around 6pm and I got to go outside right away. An hour later I still did not check in, so mom just went to look outside for me. She always goes looking when I’m off for a long while, still a bit scared I might get lost or taken by people.

Found me again

When calling me I heard her and was meowing like crazy, because.. well.. I was locked up! I locked myself in the garage of the neighbors. It’s the one you see in the left of all the pictures here.

She went and got the neighbor and he opened the door. They didn’t see me at first. He went inside and said he did hear a cat. When he went back outside I was comfortable enough to show myself and went outside with little steps.

I followed mom straight to our house. I was glad she went looking for me and got me out of that garage!

x Junethekitty