Morning routine

My humom noticed that every day she has to go to work, I have the same morning routine. This made her come up with the idea of making a video of it so you can all see it and know a little bit more about me! You can all see it in the video, but let me explain what my morning routine usually looks like with more words.

My morning routine

  • It starts with humoms alarm clock going off at 06:25 am. Most of the time I’m on my scratching post waking up at the same time.
  • First thing we do is take a shower. Well, not me of course. I just love being in the bathroom with my humans when they are in the shower. I think it’s because I love the sound of running water.
  • After she is done, I will whine for her to open de shower doors so I can go in. That’s because I love drinking the water out of the shower. I first start with the water on the bottles and finally the floor.
  • When she goes into the next room to put clothes on, I will always start with a little scratch on the scratching post and make a jump on the windowsill so I can look outside.
  • Sometimes I will have a look with humom at her closet when she’s deciding what to wear.
  • By that time my cat dad has woken up and starts the day with a shower. Time for me to keep him company. Usually I drank enough water after mom’s shower, so it’s just keep him company.
  • When mom is fully dressed, she will open the window deco and window for me so I can look outside and breath in the fresh air (don’t worry, mom is always with me when this window is open).
  • But oh no.. then it’s time for the hair dryer to come out and I don’t like that thing at all. So I’ll just rush out of the room.
  • When she’s done with that, I’ll come back immediately into the room to sit on the windowsill to continue looking outside.
  • Just a few minutes later, she’s done upstairs and will go downstairs for breakfast. I’m always the first one downstairs (I’m pretty fast!).
  • Because I love looking outside, humom will als downstairs open the window deco for me to see things better.
  • While making her breakfast and her lunch for work, I whine a lot. I really want to play outside! But because the humans have to go to work shortly after that I can’t go. That’s because ever since I know how to climb the fence they can’t get me back on their own.
  • When she’s done for breakfast and goes upstairs to brush her teeth, we will have a look outside of the window to see dad go to work.
  • She will go back downstairs and will make her bag ready.
  • Then, she will throw some treats on my cat food. Yumm!
  • And finally, they are both off to work. And that means I will have the house to myself!

x Junethekitty