My favorite hashtags on Instagram

When you’re active on Instagram, you will notice there are different hashtags for different times in the week. And it’s a fun way to take photos to match them! Let me tell you which ones I like to use.


When following cats on Instagram, you will notice that like humans we don’t like Mondays. And that’s why at almost every account, you will find people posting a picture with a caption about them hating Monday. It’s just that we want you to know we don’t like Monday because that’s usually the day the humans go back to work and we have to be alone during the day.


Tuesday is the purrfect day to show your best derp or best roar. Because this day is all about the tongue! And me, I specialize in roars. I love to show my tongue to you in a big and fierce roar!


When you’re cat, you can’t get through Wednesday without showing of your beautifull feature called whiskers. So for this day and with this hashtag, you can show them off!


Who doesn’t love a kitten? On this day, we can all post our throwback photos or videos to the time we were sweet and innocent kittens. Or go back to the days we had beautiful weather or even a lot of snow! You name it and you can go back to it on this day.

#flashbackfriday, #friyay or #fridaynightboxpawty

Friday is filled with options. For example, when you missed #throwbackthursday you can just use #flashbackfriday to post a photo or video from the past.

Friday is also so close to the weekend, you just have to be happy about this day. That’s when you say #friyay!

And for those who don’t know.. we cats love boxes! We even have our own hashtag for it called #fridaynightboxpawty to post a photo or video in your box!


This is probably one of the best days because we cats claimed it by calling it CATurday. So for this hashtag we just celebrate the day weekend and say we cats rule!


Even though Sunday is very close to Monday, we want to make it a fun day. For us cats that usually means just relaxing, sleeping, playing and eating.

So tell me, what are your favorite hashtags?

x Junethekitty