My favorite places to sleep

As you probably know, we cats love to sleep. To make up for our predatory lifestyle, we must spend about 15+ hours per day sleeping. And to do that, we choose the best places. Whether it’s a box or a special cat bed, we can spend anywhere to catch up on our (normal and even our beauty) sleep. I also have a lot of options to sleep. Let me tell you about my favorite ones!

Bed of my humans

Whenever my humom is ready to go to bed, I will be right there with her. I always make sure once she is in the bed she can’t get away by placing myself between her legs or right on top of her legs.

In the middle of the night I often wake my humans because I want to have some cuddles. But most of all I wake them up for spooning. I’ll go from cat dad to humom and back to have some spoon cuddles. Even when humom is not in the right position (on her back for example) I’ll make her go on her side so we can spoon (by petting her with my paw (no claws) on her head to wake her).

Cat-On scratch furniture

It may be a weird spot for this, but my humans put my Cat-On scratch furniture at the end of their bed. I use it more as a couch than to really scratch it. Whenever I’m done with sleeping next to my humans (because they move to much or it’s getting to warm), I’ll just walk to the end of the bed and lay down on my scratch bed.


Because I have a lot of cat stuff, humom put some of my stuff in the attic Our attic is like just another room, so not a storage place. But she not in any way thought about how to really decorate it, so she just put it there.

If I want some alone time, I will go to my favorite spot in the attic to sleep. And that is my U-Pet bag that humom put on a cabinet. I can be in there for hours! Expecially when my humans are not at home.

Humom pointed our Petcube on it because I come there every day.

The laundry basket

Whenever my humans are in the bathroom (shower or bath tub), I love to keep them company. I’ll just go sit on top of the laundry basket and fall asleep. I think the sounds of the water relaxes me. I’ve been doing that since I was a kitten.

And wenever they are done in the shower, I’ll be right at the door meowing till they let me in so I can lick the water of the bottles.

The couch

Our couch is in the living room and right next to a big window looking out on the street. The top of the back is a nice place to fall asleep on because it’s long, so I can stretch all the way. But it’s also nice to be on there and dream away while looking at what is happening on the street (cars, humans and animals passing by).

Scratching post

When we moved to our new home, my humans put one of my scratching posts in their bedroom so there would be something familiar there. And also so I could be close to them at night. Eventually, they just left it there. It’s a great place for the summer, because it’s way too hot to be on the bed with my humans but I can still be close to them at night.

The windowsill

Another spot I really like is the windowsill in my humans bedroom. Humom put cat mats on there so I’m more comfortable. The window looks out on our garden, so it’s great to have at things like birds, other kitties, neighbors and just the garden itself.

Do you have a favorite place to sleep?

x Junethekitty