My first encounter with snow

Snow has become more and more a rare object here in Holland over the past few years. Well, in the North East and South East it’s more often, but in the province where I live unfortunately not anymore.

My first snow

I have never seen it in the 2,5 years I’ve been alive. There was a bit of frost on the garden table last year that was white, but it wasn’t snow.

This past week it was more and more a possibility that there was snow to come according to the news! Very exciting. My humom saw it falling late last night, but that wasn’t a time for me to explore it of course. So we hoped that when Sunday morning arrived, there was a pile of snow.

And yes, it was there! Not a lot, but a white layer was filling up the world around me!

How the snow felt

But I had to wait to go outside, because mom wanted to film and make photos haha. So when she woke up and it was light enough outside it was time for me to explore this white substance.

When outside, there was such a fresh air coming over me I just had to sniff away! And it was very cold under my paws, brr.

Even my friend, Kovu (how we named him as we don’t know who he’s from or what his name is), came by for a visite.

x Junethekitty