My new friend the hedgehog

Since this week, I have a new and very unique friend who lives in my garden: a hedgehog! Thursday morning, when mom was making herself ready to go to work, I was outside playing. Until I ran back inside the house because I was scared of something. My humom went outside with me to check what it was and sat down with me at the spot where I was most scared of. I was shaking in her arms! But humom didn’t see anyhting, so we went back inside.

The hedgehog

But this Friday we finally knew what it was! Let me tell you how we found out!

It was late at night and I was still playing outside. My humom wanted to get me inside around 11pm (she doesn’t like me being outside that late). I was in the neighbours garden, so she wanted to peek through the fence to see where I was. But right at the spot where you can do that was a spiny creature! Thank god she saw it in time. Can you imagine how painfull it would have been if she had stepped on it? haha.

I came back to our garden and went to look at the spiny creature in my humom’s arms. She told me it’s a hedgehog and that I don’t have to be afraid of it. That little thing is more scared of me than I’m of him.

I haven’t seen my new friend since that evening. We have a very wild-growing garden, so he has a lot of space to hide. I do keep looking, but no luck so far! I sure hope I will see him again soon and we can play together.

In this picture you can see my new furriend visiting our garden. Isn’t he cute?

x Junethekitty