My own cat grass

Earlier this this year I got a package of organic oat seeds to grow my very own cat grass. I never had cat grass before, so it was very fun to try. Last weekend, my humom found a purrfect box to grow some in! And in just one week the cat grass grew so fast. It is really delicous!

Cat grass

With these organic oat seeds it just takes about 3 to 4 days to have good and tall cat grass. Let me tell you more on how to make them ready to grow into a delicious snack! First you fill a container with soil. Then you cover the surface with the cat grass seeds and add some more soil. You don’t have to add a lot of soil, they just have to be lightly covered. You can also press them a bit into the soil without adding a new layer of soil. And after that just add water and put it in a slightly warm space out. Give it water for a few days intill it reaches a height you are happy with.

Beware you keep it out of your cat’s reach. Trust me, you have to do that because my humom didn’t and caught me already eating it when it wasn’t high enough haha.

Cat grass is not only easy to grow, but it is also very good for your cat. It provides cats with nutrients and plant fibers that aid digestion and the elimination of hairballs! And did you know you can also buy ready-made at for example garden centers? Then it’s even more easy. You don’t have to grow it yourself and still can give your cat this delicous treat.

Did you ever grow or bought cat grass for your kitty and did he like it?

x Junethekitty