My signature cuddle

Every cat is unique. We all have our own ways to eat, sleep and play. But we also have our own way to show our love to other cats or even to our humans. Let me tell you about mine: my signature cuddle.

My unique tooth kiss

As many cats, I love to get cuddles and kisses from my humans! If I walk towards them and give them a certain look. They know what to do… give me a cuddle! Sometimes I also give them a cuddle around the leggs to let them know I want them to pet me or my tail is high in the air and I start to walk circles around them.

My humans and I also have a signature cuddle. In Dutch we call it the ‘tandkus’, in English that is called the ‘tooth kiss’. Strange name isn’t it? But let me explain. My humans put their finger in front of my face and then I cuddle it. Not so strange, but I do it with my teeth! So I brush my mouth against their finger so they feel my teeth haha. That’s why we call it a tooth kiss.

Do you have any signiture cuddles with your humans/kitties or anything else that is unique?

x Junethekitty