Humoms furriend Brechje from @purrminators made a lovely necklace for her deceased cats Nugget, Biscuit and Clover. My humom really liked this idea and wanted one of her own. Because it’s a great idea, I wanted to share it with you. So read more about it in this blog post!

Little bottle of love

It’s a necklace that has a little bottle on it where you can put something in. She put the hair of her deceased cats Nugget and Biscuit in there and made it complete with a charm of a clover for Clover. This way she always has them with her.

This really inspired my humom. She also wants me with her every day, and really liked it. So she decided to make one of her own. In her bottle she put my hair! To finish it, she put a heart charm on the necklace.

The necklace is self made. The bottle and the charm are from a webshop in Holland, the hook on the bottle is from a DIY shop and the necklace itself she already had. She really liked it to be a long one, so it’s a long chain.

Pretty cool idea right?

x Junethekitty