New camera

Since I came into my humans live, I have an Instagram account. My first Instagram photos were with my humoms iPhone. They were ok but the quality was not great. After a few months she wanted to show me in a better way and started using her camera, a Nikon 1 J1.

Upgrade camera

After two years on Instagram shooting with this Nikom 1 J1 camera, my humom wanted a new one to capture me even better and make even more high quality photos! After searching for the right one, this week she bought a Nikon D3300.

Today, for the first time this year, it was a nice warm and sunny day. So this was a purrfect day for practising with the new camera. So because of that, I had my humom following me around all day. Which is not new though. I’m used to being followed around with a camera. That’s the live of a super meowdel right?

Life as an Instagram cat model can be hard. I even had to jump over the fence to get away from her sometimes haha. But I mostly just let her do her thing and some great pictures came out of it.

x Junethekitty