New drinking method

Many people know: cats are not really fond of water. And I am like most cats in that case. I like to drink water and I occasionally like to run in the rain, but I’m not that fond of taking a bath. I let it happen, but I rather not have it done. There is however an exception where I do like a big ton of water, it’s my new drinking method. Let me tell you more about it.

Taking a bath

In our previous house, we had a very small bathroom. There was only a shower, sink and toilet next to each other. In our new house, we have a very big bathroom. And as an extra to our previous bathroom, it has a bath! Something my humom really loves. She has a lot of bath bombs (mostly from Lush) and likes to take a long bath. I have never had any experience with a bath before, so it was totally new for me.

I’m not sure why, but I like to keep my humans company whenever they are in the shower or tub. I think the sound of water makes me calm. I always fall asleep on the laundry basket. But because I didn’t know what a tub was, I kept my distance. I was very careful. Humom however moved the laundry basket next to the tub so I could have a closer look if I wanted to (without being on the edge of the tub with the possibility to fall in).

New drinking method

I actually don’t even mind it as much as I thought I would. Humom carefully tried to give me water from the tub out of her hands (because I like to lick the water out of the shower) and I started to drink. That gave me an idea! The tub is filled with water, why not drink directly out of there? And because humom was in there, I had a dry place to stand on. So that’s what I did! I stepped on humom and started drinking the water out of the tub.

Now, whenever humom is in the tub, she has to wait with her bath bomb till I had a drink (she doesn’t want me to drink the chemicals that are in the bath bombs of course). And also, she always puts the laundry basket beside it so that I can always keep her close company.

Does your kitty like water?

x Junethekitty