We’re moving to a new house

I have some very excited news to tell you. My humans and I are gonna move and we are moving to a much bigger home!

Officially for sale

Starting this week, our house is officially for sale. And guess what? We already had some viewers this week. Past Thursday four families were having a look in our home to potentially buy it.

Our real estate agent said I was behaving very good when the people came by. And that one of the ladies that visited really liked me! But we have to make sure they don’t think I come with the house haha!

Where are we going

And where will we be moving to you might ask? Well we already have a new house across town. It’s twice as big, so lot’s of rooms for me to play in! Not only to play in, I even get my own room where I can leave all my furniture and toys!

It’s the house of the parents of my cat dad right now. They also bought a new house so we can move in right away when we sell ours now!

Of course it can take a while before our home is sold. So I’ll keep you posted!

x Junethekitty