Orange invasion: renovating

The house I live in with my humom and cat dad is a house that was build in the sixties. By now it was time for renovating the sewerage and stuff (by the municipality of course, not my humans). And because of that they are also giving our streets a whole new and better look! It was pretty outdated. But that ment that the garden that was in front of our house had to come down as well.

Orange people

The garden that is in front of our house was filled with trees and bushes by previous owners, so there was a lot of green! But it was really haggard and in need of serious change.

When it was time for renovating the sewerage and the meter box and stuff, the construction workers, aka orange invasion, made a big whole in our front yard! It was so big, my humans had to use the back door to leave the house. They also went in and out of the house and made a lot of noise. It wasn’t plesent.

They are ready with our house now and finishing up the streets in front of our house now. I do hope they make it a beautiful green place again!


x Junethekitty