Ouch! On a Caturday to the vet

This past Caturday didn’t start like a Caturday should start! Every weekend morning I rush downstairs with my cat dad (he is always the first one to get up). But this time I didn’t..

No energy

When humom got up to go to the toilet she was suprised to find me in the hallway just sitting down and staring at nothing.

My cat dad came upstairs at that same moment and said I was there ever since he got up. So they both thought that was a bit strange. When then humom picked me up to cuddle me, I screamed because that hurt.

I got downstairs (slowly, but I got there) and humom started following me to check up on me. When I got to the hallway and started panicking, humom knew I had to either poop or vomit. And well, it was the first one. I started pooping and of course outside of the litter box (I’m good at doing that).

A pain in my leg

When that was out, humom thought maybe that was what was bothering me when I got picked up. But she soon found out it wasn’t. I still had pain and I wouldn’t eat or drink. And when they touched me, they found out the pain was mostly in my back right leg. So they thought I maybe had hurt myself coming down from something.

Humom got me back upstairs (via my Snorhaar bag because she didn’t want to pick me up with her hands) and we layed down in bed for a while. I was really tired and fast asleep.

Humom called the vet to ask their opinion and they had a consultation hour she could bring me to. That was good news, because it’s usually hard to get to the vet in the weekends.

Off to the vet

The vet checked me and only found out I had a really full blatter and I had a fever. There was nothing wrong with my leg as far as she could feel. So it could be multiple things that caused me to meow when being picked up. Like it could be a flu and I didn’t like being touched at all. The vet came me a painkiller and humom and my cat dad just had to keep an eye on me and give me the pain killer for a few more days.

When we were waiting in the waiting room, humom found a little wound on my hip. It was really tiny, but still. She mentioned it to the vet and she shaved my hair around that wound away (like really, she shaved my beautiful hair!) and took care of that. But that couldn’t have caused this pain. Even though it was on the same leg.

Almost back to normal

When we got home, I was already my old self. I walked around normal and I ate straight away. Humom also put me on the litter box and I pied.

Still don’t know what exactly happened, but humans will never know what we cats think!

Still now, it looks like nothing happened. I’m back at my old self. So either the pain killers work really well or I’m just a little diva haha.

x Junethekitty