Out of control fur

Last year I wrote a blog about my fabulous fur and how I’m pretty lucky that I knot very little and it’s not necessary to be combed very often. After six years, that all changed! Let me tell you about it.

Knots and mats

The only place that normally knots is my belly. And when there is a knot, it’s possible for my humans to cut it away. This year I was not letting my humons come near my belly very often (I use my fangs and the bunny kick). Even though my humans are two people strong, they can never really brush me. This resulted in my belly being more than just a knot.. I got mats. And I even had a little rash on my belly.

Getting some help

They had to call in some help to get all the mats and other knots out of my fur. Perfectekat.nl came to make my fur look fabulous again. She shaved all the knots away that turned into mats on my belly away (even one on my butt!) and took the rest of the knots out. I did hate it at the moment, but I look all fabulous again so I guess I’m a little grateful.

The right comb

As I told in my previous blog, I had a comb that is called the Furrminator. My humom heard more and more bad stories about that comb and turns out this is one of the baddest combs to own. It also takes out the good hairs and that’s not something you want! Thanks to Perfectekat.nl my humans now has the right combs to maintain my beautiful long fur.

Tips for brushing your cat

  • Make sure you have the right comb. This is different for what type of cat you have (short or long hair), so make sure you get the right one for your kitty.
  • Make sure your cat is comfortable (get in a comforatble position, move slowly, have treats ready). The more comfortable it is, the easier it will get in the future to brush your cat.
  • Don’t push it. When your cat is really not in the mood to be brushed, just let him go. You want to brush him more often, so don’t make it a traumatic expierence.

Do you brush your cat often?

x Junethekitty