My first professional photoshoot

In my previous blog post I told you the roadtrip I made was for a reason! And that is a photoshoot! It this blog post I will tell you why exactly my humom and I took that roadtrip together.

Professional photoshoot

It was all because I had a photoshoot for humoms work! My humom currently works for the website of a DIY store. For World Animal Day ont October 4 they made, among other things, a table that is also a sleeping spot for a cat or a small dog!

Being a professional meowdel, of course they asked me to pose with it.

How did I do

I have to say, being at home is much more comfortable than going outdoors to take photos. I really had to get used to the surroundings. I walked with a low back and soon found spots to hide in and look at everything from a distance. It took a while before my humom got me out of there and I was able to pose with the table.

I never said I was an easy top meowdel to work with! haha

What do you think of the results?

This furniture is on (and yes, it’s in Dutch).

x Junethekitty