Let’s play

Many of you may have seen the video posts on my Instagram where Brutus and I are playing and I show off my ninja moves. I want to give you a little more context about this signature move I have. So read along!

My neighbor cat Brutus

For a few months now, my neighbor cat Brutus is allowed to go outside. And ever since he can, he visits me almost every day in my garden! He is a young, orange male cat with a beautiful fur pattern!

At first, we just started to get to know each other by sniffing and sitting next to each other and stare. But as soon as we got used to each other, that turned into playing! And even though it can sometimes look a bit rough, it really is playing.

Ninja cat

Every where I go, Brutus is following me. He’ll be, for example, just waiting in the bushes for me to walk by and jump out to pounce on me. And because I am the only cat in my house, I never really had to defend myself. So I really had to change that by the way Brutus is playing with me (FYI, he is also the only cat in his home). Sometimes Brutus was playing a bit rough, so I started meowing really hard and hissing to let him know I didn’t like it.

That is when I started using my signature move: the ninja cat. You can see in the videos that Brutus doesn’t really know what to do with it. That means it’s working! haha.

Humom put a few of those fun moves together in a video you can watch below.

Other videos of me and Brutus you can find here on my YouTube.

And make sure you also look at my Instagram stories, because you can see him there every time he visits my garden.

x Junethekitty