My humom is a true cat lady. Whenever she sees a cat, she just has to pet it. She now found a way to put her love for cats and photography together by being a kitty paparazzi. Read more to find out what that means!


Humom has been photographing me for 8+ years now. And while of course I remain her favorite cat to photograph, she loved the idea to photograph other cats as well. So she came with the idea to start an Instagram account where she posts photos of kitties she comes across in our hometown.

She goes on walk with her camera to spot kitties. How is that for a pawparazzi?


Some of you may wonder why it is called Purrr.merend. Well, our hometown is called Purmerend. Can you see the (kitty) pur in there? It’s a pun!

The kitties

Most of the kitties humom does not know (yet). But she would love to be able to take photos on request, so hopefully that will happen.

And of course my handsome neighbor Brutus can’t be missed on this page!

x Junethekitty